Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27, 2012

     This has been a very lovely Christmas. Christmas Eve day was quiet in the morning but the afternoon was very busy. Dorean, Amanda, McKenzie, Colton and I went to one of the malls and walked for what seemed like miles. We did some last minute shopping because there were some good bargains. We went to Panera’s for bagels and cream cheese’ Yummmmmmm! Then four very tired ladies went home.

     By the time I got home I needed to start on our traditional Oyster Stew supper. I made a crock pot full of stew and fried up 4 pints of oysters. I decided to try to duplicate the French fries we had eaten at The Hurricane restaurant Sunday. I put frozen fried on a sheet and put melted butter, finely chopped garlic and parmesan cheese on them then put them in the oven. They went over in a big way. We ate 2 pans of them. I will definitely be serving them again.

The tradition goes that we can’t open presents until we have cleaned up after dinner. That is always the fastest clean-up you have ever seen. When that was done we had a great time   opening our gifts. We draw names so there is one gift for everyone.  Of course the little ones got more. McKenzie was on cloud nine all evening and Colton was not impressed.

     Christmas Day was full of family and food. We had “Santa” for the two little ones. Once again Colton was not impresses. He and McKenzie get to have two “Santas,” one at their house and one at our house. We have been “Santa” for many, many years and I love it.

    Everyone was here for an early lunch except Deanna’s family, she was having Matt’s     family over to her house for Dinner. We ate early because Tim had to go to work at Disney.

The afternoon was filled with family still having fun and some of us ladies went to see “Les Mis.” It was good and very well done. I had watched one last week made in 1935. Some things   were different but the story remained true to the original.

     We usually have pumpkin pancakes for breakfast on Christmas Day but we decided to try something new so when we got home from the movie we fried bacon and made our pumpkin pancakes. They are soooooooooooo good!

     Yesterday was what I call a coming down from the mountain top kind of day. I always feel a little “down” after these big days with the family and I miss them when they are all gone. But today begins the “moving on” of life.

     This is our 54th wedding anniversary and our daughters are going to take us out to one of our favorite restaurants, Bone Fish Grill. It will be a great night!

     I will say good-by to you all. I’ll get back to you soon.

     God bless you all.

     Mary Margaret

The big “C” in me is Christ enabling me to deal with the little “c” cancer.”

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 23, 2012
     Today has been such a wonderful day that I must take the time to tell you about it.
     It started with church this morning. Every seat was filled. I don’t think there was one empty seat. If any more had come in we would have had to move to the larger auditorium. That was a blessing in its self. There were people from all over the US. It is always a blessing to meet Christians from so many different places. We are alike in that we love the same Lord and enjoy praising Him in song and prayer together. The music was outstanding also. Donna sang “Breath of Heaven” and she and Daniel sang “Little Child.” Almost everyone was shedding tears, I know I was, and at one point everyone was clapping. It is such a meaningful song and they do it very well.
     We had canceled Bible Study for tonight. So we came home and changed clothes. Donna and Daniel picked us up and we picked up David and Hannah then drove to D & D’s little lake house in Tavares. They have a cute little house on the lake with a dock for their boat. It needs some work and they do a little at a time on it. We took the boat out and it was very cold. We were bundled up like we were going to the Arctic Circle. First we went to a wonderful restaurant called Hurricanes. They had Santa and Mrs. Santa there and we had a good time talking to them. The food was very good.
     We set out again in the boat to go down the channel which was a beautiful ride. There are cypress trees on both sides that bend over the water and the trees are full of all kinds of birds which Daniel identified every one of them for us. It was a lovely ride, kind of like being a Disney. We were going very slow so it wasn’t very cold at all. We got back to the lake in time to see a beautiful sunset. We just sat and watched it for awhile. What a beautiful site!
     We got back to the cabin at about dark and lit up the fire it that David had built. Donna had all the stuff we needed to make Smores but I love burnt marshmallows so I ate a whole bunch of them. It was warm and peaceful around the fire. Watching the flames and talking was so much fun. We finally   decided we had to end the beautiful day and return home and back to our real lives.
     The really good news is that we will do it again next week on Monday and take the boat out to the middle of the lake and watch the fireworks of 3 different cities. We are hoping Dorean and her family will be able to join us.
     God has given me a beautiful Sunday to keep in my memory bank. Being with my kids is doing anything or nothing is always a treat for me.
     Last Wednesday night Dorean took  Donna and me out to Disney to see the Candlelight    Processional. It is a big production they have every Christmas. They bring in celebrities in to read the Christmas story and they have a choir of about 400. Some of them are Disney singers and the majority of them is made up of choirs from the area high schools. Alfie Woodard was the celebrity for the night. She did a beautiful job and the music was amazing. It is surprising to see something so spiritual at Disney. The story was from the Bible and the music was carols that we all sing in church at    Christmas. Before the processional we stopped in the German pavilion and got caramel popcorn make from Werther’s caramel. Tooooooooooo good!
     This is the end of a wonderful day. I enjoyed it to the fullest.
Love to all and Merry Christmas.
Mary Margaret
The big “C” in me is Christ enabling me to deal with the little “c” cancer.”
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Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012
     It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I have been resting my brain a bit. Today I can’t resist pouring out my heart. This morning a shooter went into an elementary school and killed 20 children and 7 adults. I can’t help the tears that flow from my eyes as I think of the parents and families that have lost those dear to them. What kind of Christmas will be celebrated in those homes?
     What is happening to our country? This type of thing is happening much too often. Churches, movie     theaters, malls, schools, there isn’t a safe place for us and our children. This is what happens when a people turn away from God, the nation becomes Godless and their hearts and minds are controlled by Satan. This   nation had denied the God that was the basis for its foundation. This is a frightening time for us all. Children all over this nation are going to be afraid to go to school on Monday. This shouldn’t be happening to a nation that says we are “one nation, under God” as part of our pledge. The truth is that we are no longer “under God”. As a people we have taken ourselves from under the protection and will of God. We can expect nothing more than what we are getting.
     God is the only perfect good in this universe. The less there is of Him the less good there is in the universe. When we deny Him His rightful place among us we are lessening the good within us. Those of us that know God must increase our prayers, we must reflect the goodness of God to those around us.
     I recently got a book of prayers and devotions of the Puritans. This little book has blessed me in an amazing way. As I began reading it I thought I wanted to write some of them in my blog. I soon realized that I actually wanted to put almost everyone of them in my blog. I’m going to give you a sample of one here.
Author of all existence, source of all blessedness,
I adore thee for making me capable of knowing thee,
for giving me reason and conscience, for leading me to desire thee;
I praise thee for the revelation of thyself in the gospel,                                                                           for thy heart as a dwelling place of pity, for thy thoughts of peace towards me,  
for thy patience and thy graciousness,      
for the vastness of thy mercy.
     Thou hast moved my conscience to know                                                                                              the guilty can be pardoned, the unholy sanctified, the poor enriched.
May I be always amongst those who not only hear thee but know thee, who walk with and rejoice in thee, who take thee at thy word and find life there.
Keep me always longing
for a present salvation in Holy Spirit comforts and rejoicings,
for spiritual graces and blessings,
for help to value my duties as well as my privileges.
May I cherish simplicity and godly sincerity of character.
Help me to be in reality before thee as an appearance I am before men,                                      
to be religious before I profess religion, to leave the world before I enter the church,                           to set my affections on things above, to shun forbidden follies and vanities,
to be a dispenser as well as a partaker of  grace, to be prepared to ear evil as well as to do good.
O God, make me worthy of this calling,
that the name of Jesus may be glorified in me and I in him.
     There is a line that blew my mind. “I adore thee for making me capable of knowing thee.” Isn’t that amazing? We would not even be capable of knowing Him if He didn’t give us that ability. I am constantly learning more of what He is doing in us, through us and for us.
     All I can say now is, “Help us Lord, we are nothing without You.”
     Love to all,
     Mary Margaret


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13,2012
     Sorry not to have written for the past week. It has been a very busy time around the Jones’ household.
     Wednesday I had an appointment at my eye doctor. She said my eyes were looking very good. I had one regimen for my left eye and another one for the right eye. It is a bit confusing but I made a little chart to help me out.
     Thursday I did some little jobs around the house getting ready for our company. It turns out that all our company was coming in on the same plane. Billy’s brother, Barney and his daughter Lorri, went from Monroe, LA to Shreveport LA and our friends from Arkansas also drove to Shreveport to catch the same plane. Donna and I went to the Sanford airport to pick up James and Carolyn, our friends from Arkansas. James and Carolyn’s daughter, Cindy was with them as well as their son and his wife. It was good to see all of them. After a time of visiting we all went in different directions. James and Carolyn rode to our house with Donna and I. Barney and Lorri rented a car to drive to the hotel downtown Orlando. The rest had rented a car to drive to stay with some friends in Claremont.
     Friday I took James and Carolyn to the farm in Claremont where the rest of their family was. Billy took Barney and Lorri to see The Holy Land Experience. We spent the day in the most relaxing surroundings I have ever been in. Dan and Rebecca have about 350acres. They built a barn like structure and have furnished it in a western motif that is unbelievable. There are 3 large lakes on the property and they are full of fish. They built a Bunkhouse for people to sleep in. It is a lovely place and I enjoyed every minute there. We have known Dan’s parents for more than 50 years and enjoyed seeing them again. I had such a great time that I asked if I could come back Saturday and bring some of the family. They were so gracious and said yes. That night we all went to Dorean’s to celebrate McKenzie’s birthday. It was lots of fun!
     Saturday we loaded up in the car. Daniel, Donna, Barney, Lorri, Billy and I and headed out for the farm. We spent the day fellowshipping with friends and had a big fish fry for lunch. The men had caught all the fish in the lakes on the property. That night our family came over to spend time with our friends from Arkansas. It was divine!
     Sunday we said “good-bye” to all our friends and family. It was another wonderful Sunday. We had to move the services into a bigger auditorium because of the number of people that came.
     Monday and Tuesday were slow days. I am waiting for Dr. Giday’s office to find out when my stomach procedure will happen. I was hoping to be done with it by Thanksgiving, but I don’t know now.
     God gave me these verses this morning.
Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you,                                as though some strange thing happened unto you:
But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.  I  Peter 4:12, 13     I don’t know what He has in mind, but I am trusting that He will see me through it as He has everything in the past. He is the awesome God of the universe!
     Love to all,
     Mary Margaret
     The big “C” in me is Christ enabling me to deal with the little “c” cancer.”
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7, 2012
Today is a sad day for America ,
the eagles are not flying,
Lady Liberty has tears in her eyes,
the Liberty Bell hangs cold and broken
knowing liberty is at risk today.
The Red, White and Blue is hanging limp in the
 wind because there is nothing to unfurl for.
Be prepared Christians, be prepared Israel,
Be prepared if you are over sixty,
life as you know it is going to change.
From sea to shining sea we take
solace in the fact that our God is
still on the throne, He is still
our Sovereign God.
“The King’s heart is in the hand of the LORD,
as the rivers of water:
he turneth it whithersoever he will.” Proverbs 21:1
Adios America.
Abschied America
Zbogom Amerika
Revoir l’Amerique
Good-by America
     These are the words I feel in my heart today. You may not agree with me, but that is your right. Hang on to it (your right to freely speak your mind) because our rights are slowly but surely being taken away from us. If I didn’t know Who is in control of this stuff I would be very frightened and depressed. America has been given a great history with amazing men as the founding fathers. It was built on a Godly platform which stood for many years, but was chipped away at over the years as more and more people turned away from God and His teachings. Taking the Bible out of schools in 1968 was a big step out of God’s will and Roe V Wade was another one. There have been many more which I am sure you can think of. God gives a people the  government they deserve and apparently this country deserve the one that was elected.
     This is all I will say for today. Tomorrow I hope to be able to sit down and bring you up to date with myself. There really isn’t much to say.
     I love you all. Pray for our president and other political leaders. Pray for our beautiful country. Pray for each other.
Mary Margaret
The big “C” in me is Christ enabling me to deal with the little “c” cancer.”
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Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012
     Let me bring you up to date on my day at the doctors offices. It started out at the hospital, ORMC, in the nuclear medicine area. After more than an hour wait the finally called my name. A very nice nurse did the ultrasound. When she finished she called in a doctor to look at the  results. He looked and looked and said that he could not see anything to biopsy. He texted Dr. Milas and gave him the news. He  must have been in surgery because we waited 5 minutes and he didn’t get back so the doctor told me to go ahead and leave and if Dr. Milas wanted to do something else we would get together again. That was a wonderful blessing because I was pretty well convinced that there was nothing in the knot on my neck. We will have to try  something else, I guess. Perhaps God just healed whatever showed up on the PET Scan, He could have just given me one of His miracles. After all, we had been praying for that. Why would we be surprised if He did it?
     By this time it was 12:30 so I went to visit a dear friend that lives near the hospital. I didn’t need to be at the next appointment until 2:30. She had a pizza ready for us. We had time to visit and enjoy each others company. She has a house as beautiful as she is.
     I made my way over to the other doctor’s office. I had a consultation with him, his name is Dr. Giday. I like him and that makes it easier to let him send a camera down my throat. He has to check with the doctor that prescribed the Plavix that I take and find out how many days he will let me be off of it. When I have been off of it for as long as he will let me Dr. Giday will do the procedure. He said I would be put to sleep and I clapped and thanked him for that. He said if he saw anything he would do a biopsy. I will be glad to get that over with.
     For some reason I am very sleepy tonight. It may have something to do with the fact that I have gotten up early several days this week. I can sleep in for awhile tomorrow, even though Amanda is coming over to do a garage sale in our garage. Our sub-division is doing one, we do this 2 times a year. I sold everything in the last on so I don’t have to drag myself and my stuff out and sell it.
     Well, good night my friends. Have a good night and a great and blessed day tomorrow.
Love to all.    
Mary Margaret
The big “C” in me is Christ enabling me to deal with the little “c” cancer.”
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1, 2012
     Tuesday morning Deanna and I went to Altamonte Springs (to you not familiar with Florida the “e” in Altamonte is silent) We arrived at 7:00 and I went back for pre-surgery at about 7:30. There were many questions to answer and they had to check all my medications that I had to take. That took at least another 30 minutes. I then was taken to a big lounge chair where they connected me to the blood pressure machine and the oxygen monitor and a nurse inserted the IV needle. She did it on the first try which is hardly ever done. Another nurse came by to put several drops in my eye. Every time she came which was probably about 7 times, she asked me my name, date of birth, which eye they were doing and what procedure I was having done. Even though she had been there 5 minutes before she still had to go through the same thing. Every one that did anything ran through that same procedure. They put a blue dot over my eye and a shield on my right eye to be sure they didn’t do anything to it. After about an hour they came to get me to go to the operating room. They just wheeled the chair and all into the room. A nurse put a yellow disinfectant around my eye and another nurse said he was going to start the IV, which felt like cold water going in. I didn’t feel any different and I didn’t go to sleep, I was wide awake. They taped my eye open and the operation began. I don’t know what they were doing but all I could see was a kaleidoscope of colors and in less than 10 minutes they were wheeling me out. After a 5 minute talk on what I could and couldn’t do I was wheeled out in a wheel chair and we went home. I am not suppose to bend over, get water in my eye or lift more than 10 pounds, which mean I can’t pick up Colton. I put 3 different drops in my eye 4 times a day and Saturday I begin to put 2 different drops in my right eye   until after surgery on Tuesday when it will go to 3 medications. This is very long and I hope not too boring. All in all it is a very simple and painless procedure. I wear my big dark glasses when I go outside and they don’t look too bad because big sunglasses are “in” now. I you have to have cataract surgery don’t worry about it, it is a snap.
     Yesterday I went for my post op check upon my left eye. The doctor said it was looking very well and that my vision couldn’t be better at this time. I don’t see right now as good as I will in this eye, but it will be great to have both eyes fixed.
     Tomorrow I have a biopsy on the know in my neck and a consultation with a gastro??????? whatever he is. I thought I was going to have a procedure but he won’t do it until he has had a consultation with me. I will let you know who that goes tomorrow.
     I spent most of the day making a birthday card for McKenzie. She is into My Little Pony right now so that is what I used. It is kind of cute with a 3D effect to it.
     Time to go through my bedtime ritual now.
     God bless you all.
     Mary Margaret
The big “C” in me is Christ enabling me to deal with the little “c” cancer.”
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