Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27, 2012

     This has been a very lovely Christmas. Christmas Eve day was quiet in the morning but the afternoon was very busy. Dorean, Amanda, McKenzie, Colton and I went to one of the malls and walked for what seemed like miles. We did some last minute shopping because there were some good bargains. We went to Panera’s for bagels and cream cheese’ Yummmmmmm! Then four very tired ladies went home.

     By the time I got home I needed to start on our traditional Oyster Stew supper. I made a crock pot full of stew and fried up 4 pints of oysters. I decided to try to duplicate the French fries we had eaten at The Hurricane restaurant Sunday. I put frozen fried on a sheet and put melted butter, finely chopped garlic and parmesan cheese on them then put them in the oven. They went over in a big way. We ate 2 pans of them. I will definitely be serving them again.

The tradition goes that we can’t open presents until we have cleaned up after dinner. That is always the fastest clean-up you have ever seen. When that was done we had a great time   opening our gifts. We draw names so there is one gift for everyone.  Of course the little ones got more. McKenzie was on cloud nine all evening and Colton was not impressed.

     Christmas Day was full of family and food. We had “Santa” for the two little ones. Once again Colton was not impresses. He and McKenzie get to have two “Santas,” one at their house and one at our house. We have been “Santa” for many, many years and I love it.

    Everyone was here for an early lunch except Deanna’s family, she was having Matt’s     family over to her house for Dinner. We ate early because Tim had to go to work at Disney.

The afternoon was filled with family still having fun and some of us ladies went to see “Les Mis.” It was good and very well done. I had watched one last week made in 1935. Some things   were different but the story remained true to the original.

     We usually have pumpkin pancakes for breakfast on Christmas Day but we decided to try something new so when we got home from the movie we fried bacon and made our pumpkin pancakes. They are soooooooooooo good!

     Yesterday was what I call a coming down from the mountain top kind of day. I always feel a little “down” after these big days with the family and I miss them when they are all gone. But today begins the “moving on” of life.

     This is our 54th wedding anniversary and our daughters are going to take us out to one of our favorite restaurants, Bone Fish Grill. It will be a great night!

     I will say good-by to you all. I’ll get back to you soon.

     God bless you all.

     Mary Margaret

The big “C” in me is Christ enabling me to deal with the little “c” cancer.”

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